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Our History

Starting and Ending on St. Patrick's Day with 17 years of playing to audiences who loved Irish Traditional music as much as we did.

That was the goal and we are proud to have accomplish that and had many good times along the way.

Beginning our 4th year of retirement, we thought it worthy to re-launch the Dicey Riley website and share our memories and love of the music. There are links to other Dicey Riley's in the merch/link section. Also to shed additional light on a very important charity we have supported along the way.

Please explore our simple website and enjoy some of the links we have provided in each of the sections.

Africa Surgery

Dicey Riley loved to help raise awareness for an important Charity close to our hearts. Africa Surgery. We wish to continue this support.

To this day, Tom Johnson annually visits Sierra Leone, Africa. Tom spends his time matching patients who are in great need of care to Doctors willing to donate their time. This Charitable work is beyond description. The Video below tells the story much better than we can hope to here. Please view, share and visit the site link to see more about Tom's fanstic Africa Surgery organization and how you can help.

Please visit Africa Surgery.org

Friendly Son's of St. Patrick

All of Dicey Riley has or is a member of the Friendly Son's of St. Patrick, Morris County.

The FSSP has raised over $300,000 to help local charities over the last 37 years. This 501(c)(3) organization has raised $20,000 per year as a sponsor of the Morris County St. Patrick's day parade. Over 19 recipients and counting recieve the benefits of FSSP's charitable work.

Please visit The FSSP Website to learn more.


Here are some of our favorite artists and performances. We will be updating these links monthly. Come back to view more.

Merch & Links

Dicey Riley Store

Here is the link to our online Store. 25% of the net proceeds go to Tommy's Africa Surgery Org.

Check out NewEngland's favorite McRock & Roll Band. You guessed the name.

Looking for Omaha's favorite? Here they are.

Meanwhile in the UK, a lively Irish Duo.

Looking for an entertaining establishment while in australia? Look no further than Dicey Riley's Hotel.

Maybe you are in Ft. Lauderdale, FLA. and need to unwind a bit at Dicey Riley's Irish Pub.

Hey look, there is even a beer to sample.